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So far …

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

… this year has been a bit of a pisser! Most of all in Haiti, of course. Please contribute what you can afford to relief organizations who work in Haiti. My favorite is Doctors without Borders; they seem quite efficient, appropriately god-less, and they were helping in Haiti before the earthquake. And also reach out […]

NC School wants to sell grades

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Not sure if this is funny or just sad … a middle school in Goldsboro, NC had the brilliant idea to try selling grades as a school fundraiser. Yes – $20 gets you 20 point on your next test. That can turn a B into an A or an F(ail) into a D (=pass). Jay […]

Chilly-cheese-burger-dog scientifically validated

Friday, February 27th, 2009

At Dain’s place, one of the most popular items can only be ordered if you know the secret password: the chilly-cheese-burger-dog. It’s a hamburger with your choice of cheese (or cheese-whizz) topped by a beef hot dog that’s smothered in chilly.  And if you slip Gloria an extra tip, she’ll even top this off with […]

Democracy in the U.S. in Danger?

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Oh boy – there’s nothing like catching up on the news after a few days at the beach. As the credit crisis is in the process of turning the global economy into a lump of coal, the divisive language of the election here is stoking emotions in each political camp. This is a dangerous brew, […]

Four-dollar diesel

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

For quite a while the biodieselers in our area have been wondering what will happen to our cosy little niche when diesel and biodiesel hit price parity at $3.50. Well, here we are – for well over a week now the price of diesel has been well over $3.50 per gallon and since last weekend […]


Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Rassismus in Deutschland? Das gibt’s doch gar nich … Wir wissen um die Vorfälle in Mügeln augenblicklich noch zu wenig, um solche weitreichenden Schlussfolgerungen zu ziehen. Das war die Reaktion Sachsen’s Ministerpräsident Georg Milbradt auf die Frage ob er einen “ausländerfeindlichen oder gar rechtsradikalen Hintergrund” sehe wenn ein Mob von 50 Bleichgesichtern 8 Inder verprügelt […]

Book-burners in the public schools

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Yesterday, like every day, my daughter on the way home from afterschool told me about her day at school. She was upset because one of her teachers had told her to throw away one of her favorite books, “The Marvelous Land of Oz” because it contains “witchcraft and superstition.” Julia said she felt humiliated and […]


Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

“Bush moves to counter gas emissions” the headlines read all over the place. He moved? Bush signed an executive order directing federal agencies to craft regulations that will “cut gasoline consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles.” He ordered the agencies _ the departments of Transportation, Agriculture and Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency […]

Kpatcha’s new ride

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Togo is not a poor country. But sadly, few citizens of the small, West African nation share in whatever wealth this country produces. This is documented by the pathetic $1,600 per-capita GDP – a bit less than Haiti ($1,800) and a bit more than Afghanistan ($1,500) (sources: Wikipedia and CIA). Nothing illustrates better the wealth […]

Choking the Skies

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

The US and the EU have reached a deal to liberalize transatlantic air travel. It may seem like a good idea to allow US airlines and EU airlines to send their planes to any destination in Europe and the US. It will increase competition and presumably give consumers more choice and lower prices. And they […]

Another biofuels slam

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

The other day Marc posted a message to the BIG list with a link to an article that is quite critical of the biofuels industry, and a good example of some of the one-sided thinking of the critics of biofuels. THE REAL SCOOP ON BIOFUELS “Green Energy” Panacea or Just the Latest Hype? by Brian […]

Elmo Xtreme TMX

Monday, January 8th, 2007

For all you non-parents: Elmo is a red Sesame-Street “monster” that talks about himself in the third person. Toys based on this character have been extremely successful over the last 10 years. In 1996, a Wal-Mart clerk “suffered a pulled hamstring, injuries to his back, jaw and knee, a broken rib and a concussion” after […]


Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Yesterday’s execution of Saddam Hussein by hanging brings to a violent end a violent life, and raises many more questions than it answers. What impact will the execution have on the civil war in Iraq andthe suffering of the Iraqis? Why execute him on one of Islam’s most sacred holidays, Eid ul-Adha? Some argue that […]

Revenge attacks on stingrays

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

There are days when the human race just disgusts me … people venting their grief over Irwin’s death by killing stingrays!?

Côte D’Ivoire toxic waste scandal

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

During the night of August 20, the Probo Koala, a tanker built in 1989 and owned by the Celtic Legend Shipping Inc., docked at the harbor of Abidjan. Its cargo – a volatile, toxic blend of a petroleum distillate and hydrogen sulphide was unloaded its onto 13 tanker trucks. Under cover of the night, these […]

Volkswagen vs. Teen Moms of Kenya

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

This is a great example of elephants with sledgehammers protecting a china store: VW of America’s lawyers have sent “cease and desist” orders to the Fair-Trade importers of toys made by the Teenage Mothers of Kenya crafts cooperative: Teenage Mothers and Girls Association of Kenya is an organization working for the rescue, rehabilitation and economic […]

Racism in Germany

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

The “Master Race” is at it again in Germany. The brown shirts are marching, the nazi thugs are beating up innocent people. They are not particularly popular, but they are gaining ground, and they are making headlines. The Interior Minister Schäuble presented today the annual “State of the Constitution” report (Verfassungsschutzbericht (de)) which documents a […]

Racist attacks in Germany

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Last Sunday, a 28-year-old man was attacked in the city of Potsdam (near Berlin) by racist thugs and violently beaten to a pulp, simply because he is black. This racist attack has prompted a fair amount of outrage and analysis, but also some rather telling statements, like the one from Minister of the Interior Schäuble, […]

AOL implements email tax

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Well maybe that’s finally going to put these idiots at AOL out of business. AOL announced in January that they started giving preference to email senders who subscribe to the pay-per-email Goodmail service. So if you pay up, you can spam the hell out of AOL users. As part of its e-mail security practices, AOL […]

Cartoon War

Saturday, February 4th, 2006

The three little Danish newspaper pigs published cartoons poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Humor Be Upon Him) and now the Muslims are going to “huff and puff” and burn the Danish flags and boycott Danishes, and all those other goods the Danes export to the rest of the world. Well, congrats to […]