NC School wants to sell grades

Not sure if this is funny or just sad … a middle school in Goldsboro, NC had the brilliant idea to try selling grades as a school fundraiser. Yes – $20 gets you 20 point on your next test. That can turn a B into an A or an F(ail) into a D (=pass).

Jay Leno thought it was outrageously funny and turned this story into a joke.

” A – it sends the wrong message to children … B – it penalizes poor children who don’t have 20 bucks … and C – whatever happened to cheating off the kid next to you?”

I think it’s a bit sad that the principal and a group of parents thought this would be a good idea. I am not (sadly) totally surprised, though. Everything seems to be for sale these days. And the public schools are really, really desperate for money!

Once the plan became public, the school district administration stopped it and directed the school to return any funds collected.

(For you dang for’ners: U.S. public schools regularly try to collect money from the community [=the parents] by making the children sell cookies, magazines or misc. useless crap. The children are enticed to do this by prizes for certain amounts of crap sold.  Of course all of this is run by an entire “school-fundraising” industry, which skims the profits and chucks the schools some money after the children sold the useless crap for free. Perfect example of “trickle-down” economics.)

Of course the schools are forced to try to raise money because they are so underfunded. So I guess the folks at Rosewood Middle School decided to sell the one real asset a school has: Grades. Integrity. Decency. Morality (?).

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