So far …

… this year has been a bit of a pisser!

Most of all in Haiti, of course. Please contribute what you can afford to relief organizations who work in Haiti. My favorite is Doctors without Borders; they seem quite efficient, appropriately god-less, and they were helping in Haiti before the earthquake. And also reach out to the Haitians in your community.

Just days before that, rebels in Angola carried out a the deadly attack on the convoy of theĀ  Togo Nat’l Team on it’s way to the CAN in Angola

But also the crazy, unusually cold weather, the death of health care reform, the demise of AirAmerica and the Supreme Court’s slaughter of American Democracy (that pale, skinny child of the American Revolution) on the altar of Corporatism. Damn it!

Once again, the idea that a new year brings some sense of renewal has been thoroughly debunked. 2010 picked up where 2009 left off – hang on … it’ll be a wild ride.

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