The Great Beer Quest of 2012

2012 Sexual Chocolate Stout

The Great Beer Quest of 2012 was a smashing success! Just look at these four beauties!

Last night at 11PM, I met Oz, Derek and Dan in Hillsborough, they piled into the Beast and we roared over to W/S to Foothills Brewery. We hung out at the release party for the Sexual Chocolate Stout and had several rounds of this year’s release. At 2AM they closed the joint, and we headed out to the sidewalk in front of the brewery. There were about a couple dozen die-hard Footheads (incl us) who set up camp in front of the brewery in the increasing NC winter chill. During the day it was around 60 Deg. F, but temperatures dropped down to around freezing as the night wore on.

I slept for quite a while in the back of the truck, on a comfy mattress under the camper shell, while the others hung out and claimed our spot. We ended up 12th, 13th, 14th (me) and 15th in line :)

There was a fair amount of drinking going on and for quite a while the cops were pretty lenient and nice to us. But then some (probably tea-totalling) Lieutenant showed up and ordered the others to crack down and by 5:30 all booze had to be disappeared. Bastards! One kid got a damn ticket for pissing on a dumpster. A f@#$&’n ticket!

But besides the law-enforcement harassment, the quest was a success. We got our beers – the finest Imperial Stout on the East Coast in a limited bottle release … four bottles per person. Oz and I gave Jamie (the brewmaster at Foothills) a big hug. This was the first ever successful beer quest for us Durham Footheads ever (at the regular release in January). We tried in 2009 – only to return empty-handed! Last year, we were successful at the first Summer Beer Quest for the bourbon barrel aged Sexual Chocolate Stout release. But camping out for beer in the summer is one thing. Camping out for beer in January – even in NC – is only for the true Footheads. So, finally we did it and succeeded! Cheers!

some pics below the fold …

[Update] Check out the news coverage on CNN … and then there is this guy
Camp Foothead at around 5:00 AM:

Footheads at the 2012 Foothills Beer Quest

Oz in his Wookie outfit gets interviewed by the cute TV News lady, while the guys around them make Wookie noises :)

Oooooorrrrrrhhhhhh ooorrrhhhhooorrrhhh …

[update] Here is the TV news story at WXII Channel 12


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