Footheads on a beer pilgrimage

Once a year, the good people at Foothills Brewery brew their Sexual Chocolate Stout, and this weekend they began making the ’09 edition available at the brew pub in Winston Salem. To their loyal customers, known as “Footheads”, this is special day, indeed. Foothills brewery does not usually bottle any beer – so its beers are only available on drought at fine beer-appreciation facilities. But once a year they hand-bottle 600 22-ounce bottles of Sexual Chocolate stout and make them available for procurement by the Footheads. Yesterday was that day.

So the Durham Footheads decided to rent the BioBus and make the pilgrimage to this cultural highlight in the Camel City. When we got to the brewery almost two hours before they were to open, we were shocked (and very impressed) to see that we had arrived way too late to stand any chance of procuring any bottles. There was already a line of about 200 footheads snaked around the brewery, humming in giddy anticipation at the front, noticably more muted toward the back of the line. When the big moment arrived, at 11:00 AM, it took us about 45 Minutes to get into the brew pub, only to find ourselves empty handed.

But never fear – at least we had a table reserved, and were swiftly seated and served. And as we enjoyed the newest incarnation of Jamie’s masterpiece of an Imperial stout, there was no room at the table for regrets or gloom at our late arrival. We got to enjoy the new Sexual Chocolate next to the year-old, and we had some blended with the Seeing Double IPA (AKA Sex on the Shortbus) to round off this beer-ravaganza. Of course a hearty meal was in order to complement all this liquid nutrition, and I opted for their excellent ostrich burger.

The trip home was cheerful – my memory gets a bit blurry, but we made it home safely on the BioBus thanks to Frank’s remarkable will power and restraint at the brewery. The BioBus (a 1971 Mercedes Bus that runs on biodiesel) is a truly remarkable mode of tranportation, and I can highly recommend it to anyone seeking to ferry a group of up to 18 around Central NC, whilst minimizing their carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels.

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