The Great Beer Quest of 2015

foothills2015I am happy to report that for the fifth year running, I successfully completed the Great Beer Quest and acquired my allotment of the Special Release bottles of Sexual Chocolate Stout. Once again, we froze our butts off in 20-degree temperatures camping out on the sidewalk in front of Foothills brewery in Winston Salem, NC.

Around 10:30 I picked up Dan and Derek and we drove to W/S. We arrived at the brewery around 11:30 to join the tail end of the release party (and 10-year anniversary party) and had our first glass of this year’s Sexual Chocolate Stout. And our second. And our third …

At 2:00, we set up camp outside and settled in for the short, chilly night, huddled around the little propane heater I borrowed from my neighbor. I was tired and actually slept for several hours. I woke up around 5:00 and those three hours until they opened the bar were long and cold. Once we got in, we got a breakfast beer and a sausage biscuit (that’s a southern thing) but this year they charged $2 for the sausage biscuit! (last year they were on the house). At 10:00 AM we each got our 6 bombers and then we pretty much just left and drove home.


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