Our first horse trailer

Today we drove to Roxboro and bought this horse trailer. Finally we’re properly mobile with the horses and can take them places. There are a number of parks in the area that have horse trails. Also some of the stables around here have trails that are open to the public for a small fee. We’re excited to take Cleo and Wally out, and I know they will enjoy getting out and exploring some fun trails.

our first horse trailer
The trailer is a 16-foot, 2005 Ponderosa (yeah, yeah … I know) slant load steel trailer. It has a small but cozy living quarters/tack room with a bed, A/C, fridge and a microwave oven.

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our first horse trailer

our first horse trailer

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  1. javon Says:

    im interest in the trailer were is it located at and how much are yal askin for it