Riding the powerlines

Today I rode my mountain bike properly for the first time in a year or two, and I had a real blast! The weather was nice, but I did not feel like running, so I hopped on my bike and rode out to the powerline easement. For several months we have been exploring the powerline easements on horseback, but until today I had never taken my bike out on those “trails”. It was quite wet, and in some places I wished I had put on my mud tires. It’s definitely rougher riding than the prepared trails. In some places the bramble scratch you up pretty good, as you crash through the weeds.

We’re about a mile away from a big powerline easement and you can go for miles there. Our usual route is about 5-6 miles overall and it includes Signal Hill, the highest point in the county. That’s where you hit the easement and you go more or less downhill for several miles on rough trails on the easement.

The nice thing about this is that I don’t have to drive anywhere – I can just hop on the bike and ride out the back yard. I think I’ll be riding out a lot more on those trails this winter.

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