Trip to Cedarrock Park

Today we loaded our horses into our new trailer and went horseback riding at Cedarrock Park near Burlington.

Cedarrock ParkSaturday, I spent several hours fixing the electrical on the trailer. The wires in the hookup were connected in weird places, one of the brakes wasn’t working, and one of the taillights was connected in reverse.

The breakaway brake is still missing a battery, and I am really not sure that a breakaway brake makes any sense on a gooseneck trailer. Also, there is no ground wire, but I will add one.

The trip went well. The rig handles really well. The steel trailer is pretty heavy and I hardly noticed the difference when we added the 2000 pounds of horses to it.

Wally and Cleo are getting used to the trailer, but we still have to figure out who goes first and has to be in the slant-load bay, and who gets to stay in the back of the trailer. On the way out, Wally stayed in the back, and on the way back Cleo did. The slant load bay is really the safer place, since it’s pretty snug. The back of the trailer is more open, and so whoever stays in the back can turn around (which is nice for unloading) but that horse also has very little support. But from what we’ve seen, once we get on the road, they seem to stay nose to nose, munching hay, which is great – safetywise.

Riding at the park was fun for both horses and riders. It was sunny and chilly (upper 40s), the trails were great and there were a few other horses around. There was some nickering and sniffing, and Cleo did get a bit excited, but it was all good fun.

Cedarrock Park

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    As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WNNIING!”