The endgame in the Darfur genocide

Yet again, another genocide is under way. In Darfur, the Sudanese government has begun indiscriminate bombings of civilians and supposed rebels Human Rights Watch reports. The Sudanese government is committing these war crimes in blatant defiance of international law and plain human decency. And it very much looks like they are moving into what Bill at Jewels in the Jungle calls “the end game, the final solution to their problem with the black Africans occupying the valuable land over the oil and gas fields of western Sudan, in Darfur. ”

But what to do?

Jewels in the Jungle has an interesting discussion of the problem. Bill calls for a blogathon to raise awareness of the ongoing genocide.

An op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle by John Morlino (HT iAbolish) calls for the Darfur activists to “Take off the gloves” and demand urgent and decisive action in Darfur.

How about 50,000 blue helmets in Darfur with a clear unequivocal mandate to protect civilians? How about an enforced no-fly zone over Darfur? How about promising the Chinese access to oil in exchange for their cooperation in pressuring Khartoum to back off of Darfur?

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