Ivorian cabinet quits over toxic waste scandal

The BBC reports that the government of Côte D’Ivoire has resigned over the toxic waste scandal.

The Ivorian Prime Minister, Charles Konan Banny has offered his government’s resignation after a scandal over toxic waste in Abidjan.

Two people have died and several hundred are ill after inhaling fumes from toxic waste apparently dumped at sites in the city two weeks ago.
Ivorian cabinet quits over waste, BBC News, 6 September 2006, 23:00 GMT

The report also states that 2 girls died Monday from the effects of the poisoning. AlJazeera reports that three people died and 1,500 are seriously ill.

Why, on earth, does the government resign at a time when the people need it to coordinate cleanups, and assess the public health impact of this terrible incident?? Le Patriote suspects a purely political maneuver to appease upset citizens and ensure political futures.

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