Toxic waste ship in the Baltic sea

The Probo Koala, infamous now for the deadly toxic waste it unloaded in Côte D’Ivoire, is now in Latvia, en route to Estonia, Deutsche Presse reports. The tanker’s arrival is causing some concern in Estonia:

“The Probo Koala will be under very special treatment when it comes into (the Estonian port of) Paldiski,” Allan Gromov of the Estonian Environment Ministry told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.
DPA report via The raw Story, Sept. 8, 2006

This DPA report also talks about a story (ne) in the Dutch daily de Volkskrant, that reports that the Probo Koala tried to unload its toxic waste in Amsterdam in July. When they began pumping the stuff to a facility operated by the Amsterdam Port Services (APS), the resulting smell led to the operation being halted. The ship was allowed to leave, supposedly for Estonia. On August 20, the Probo Koala unloaded several hundred tons of toxic waste in Côte D’Ivoire, where since 3 people died and 1,500 have fallen ill from the illegal and unsafe disposal of the waste in neighborhoods of the city of Abidjan.

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