Delta broke God’s Finger

As this year’s record-breaking hurricane season officially ends (tell that to Epsilon), the residents of the Canary Islands are picking up from the devastation caused by tropical storm Delta. Delta was the first tropical storm recorded to ever get anywhere near the Canary Islands, according to Jeff Masters. Although is was not officially classified as a tropical storm when it hit the islands, it caused the deaths of seven people, did significant damage and destroyed the landmark of Tenerife:

The emblematic rocky pinnacle known as El Dedo de Dios or God’s Finger, which had pointed skywards from the sea for millennia, a natural wonder and one of the must-see sights of the archipelago finally gave up the ghost after thousands of years and collapsed into the broiling sea. The news of the loss has left islanders in a state of shock.
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So now have 6 months to get ready for the next crazy hurricane season!?

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