The voices of those among us

Big promises, lots of talk today, and some quirky publicity, for World Aids Day. Anybody care to listen to the voices of those among us living with the dreaded disease? The stories of how the stigma, the ignorance, the silence kills millions? Anybody? Black Looks shares one of those stories, Rose’s story, with us:

R: The pressure he put on me to keep this secret was huge. And not being able to talk about it to my friends and family increased the huge shame he made me feel about what I had done. Because it also meant at the time that I could not have children. I became very frightened, depressed and isolated, loosing all confidence in myself and feeling very undeserving of everything. It was only thanks to the small women’s support group that I survived those early years but he eventually made me leave that when it (the group) became more public ally known in case I might be “spotted” there. It took me 10 years to get out of this abusive relationship because I always felt I had no option but to say as who would want a woman with HIV? Therefore I should just be thankful and put up with it.

It is very difficult to explain what it was like from one year to the next because so many people were dying and that is what we were told to expect. Every time I got the slightest sickness I thought this was it and of course every 3 months you had to go and get your bloods tested and wait the two weeks for the dreaded results.
Personal Story – Living with HIV – Black Looks, November 30, 2005

Thanks to “Rose” for coming forward and sharing her story and thanks to Black Looks for posting the interview (great blog, BTW, read it!) Only if more of those among us who live with HIV/AIDS get a chance to share their stories, get a voice, do we stand a chance to cure this world of AIDS.

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