Doughman season

our team at the 2011 Doughman

Spring is here – and so is the Doughman! 9 days ago we had snow, but for the last few days the weather has been warm and spring-ish. And on Sunday I got my team registered for the Doughman race! So it’s definitely time for spring. Sunday I managed to guess correctly the restaurants involved in the 2012 Doughman race and showed up at the right time at the right place (Dain’s Place, of course) for the guerrilla registration process.

Well, OK … so I got the Cuban restaurant wrong, at first. But I figured it out, and I was early enough to run over to the Old Havana, get the required picture and make it before the registration window was done. I had to hustle , but I did it! So my team will be competing in the Doughman, again this year!

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