The Dakar ends

Out of 538 vehicles at the start (264 bikes, 189 cars, 85 trucks ) 300 made it to the finish line today. Stephane Peterhansel won the cars category in his Mitsubishi, Cyril Despres won the bikes on a KTM, and Hans Stacey won the trucks category with his MAN.

Tragically, this rally also cost the lives of four people. Two children were hit by cars and died, and two bike riders died in the competition. The deaths of people who live in the host communities is especially tragic, and this makes the Dakar quite controversial. The riders know the risk they take, but the rally organizers need to make an even greater effort to ensure the safety of the host communities. The deaths of these children due to a motor sports event is not acceptable. If spectators died at Formula One or NASCAR events it would certainly be taken very seriously. It should be taken just as seriously here.

Although the organizers claim to impose strict safety rules, it is apparent that this was not sufficient, and that even more efforts have to be made to ensure the safety of the population and spectators.

Still, this is a fascinating event – check out these cool pictures on the BBC website.

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