Gnassingbé defeated

Rock, that is. Rock Balakiyem Gnassingbé, the brother of the President of Togo has been voted out as head of the Togolese Football Federation. After Togo’s first ever appearance at the FIFA Worldcup last year was thoroughly mismanaged, to a large degree by Rock and some other RPT cronies, the FTF finally rid itself of the powerful, but incompetent Gnassingbé and elected Avlissi Tata as its new head.

Some in Togo see this as a hopeful sign for the country, and perhaps as a harbinger of broader change. Who knows, the FTF presidency is a coveted, plush assignment, and for the Gnassingbé clan to lose this job is pretty significant. It goes to show that pressure from the outside (FIFA and the African Football Federation), if applied consistently, can produce progress.

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