uNSLUng v.2.0

the slug's about the size of a DVD box setLast night I stayed up until 2:00 AM tinkering with my SLUG server – a modified Linksys NSLU2 device. V1 ran off of an old, noisy hard drive attached to it via the USB port. Last week I got a 1GB flash drive and I formatted it with an ext3 partition. The plan was to get rid of the hard drive and run the SLUG off of the flash drive.

After several failed attempts to save the configuration and re-unsling to the flash drive, I just went ahead and re-flashed the SLUG with unslung 5.5, using the Windows SerComm Upgrade tool to upload the firmware. After I unslung to the flash drive, the machine booted just fine to the rootfs on the drive. I proceeded to install an FTP server, CUPS (for the attached printer), Apache 2 (incl PHP module) and a small browser.

Now my SLUGsite lives at yovo.dyndns.info and I plan to use it to supplement my regular website with the extra space. Also, running CUPS on that little box, I can now print to a color ink jet printer attached to the device and turn off one of the desktop computers in the basement that used to run just to make the printers available on the network.

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