Empty nest

Small birds nest

Yesterday afternoon, we took the kids to the airport and sent them on a 3-week vacation in New Hampshire. They are staying with Laura’s brother and they are helping him to fix up the house on Squam Lake where he intends to retire soon. So for the first time in 17 yeas, Laura and I are alone at home. No kids. Just the two of us … well, and all the critters, of course.

So this is sort of our trial-membership in the empty-nest club. So far – so good. We only called the kids once today. Yesterday we ate out and watched the fireworks at the ball park. Today, I cooked biodiesel batch # 133 and Laura cleaned the bathroom and worked on Cleo’s hoofs. We had a nice grilled veggies and shrimp dinner at home. It’s nice, in a way, but we do think about the kids a lot.

Of course, they are the ones who are on an adventure and they get to see a new part of the country: Vermont and New Hampshire. They get to hang out on the lake and hike in the mountains and enjoy the nice, cooler weather up North. So I am also a bit jealous, but that’s OK. It’s a much bigger deal for them to strike out on their own. It’ will be a good brother-sister bonding experience before Julia goes to college this fall. And they do get to hang out with different part of the family up there and maybe make new friends. If all goes well, it’ll be a big confidence boost for them. And these three weeks will allow Laura and me to see what it’s like when the little ones have flown the nest.

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