Busy week at the 11foot8 bridge

Monday morning, two trucks from Enterprise Rental crashed into the canopener. The first one at 7AM and the second one around 10:30 AM. In the second incident, the passenger was injured when his head hit the windshield, presumably because he did not wear his seat belt. So the fire department and EMS showed up and he had to be taken away by ambulance. Around lunch time I got calls from two TV reporters (TWCN and Channel 11) who wanted to interview me at the “expert ” for the 11foot8 bridge! Must have been a very slow newsday …

On Thursday, yet another truck hit the bridge – a moving truck from “Two Men and a Truck.” This one did not get stuck, though – he made it all the way, albeit a bit torn up.  Well, here are the videos. Enjoy!

Here is the Channel 11 news report:

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