The Doughman 2013

Doughman 2013 - dessertsIn this year’s edition of the Doughman Quadrathlon race, team Overheight When Flashing finished in 5th place! So for the third time in a row, we finished in the top ten of the Doughman. As far as I know, only two other teams have accomplished this: team Dain’s Place (hell, they OWN the Doughman) and El Gigante. Now, the Bull City Track Club team clocked their second 1st place in a row, so we’ll see next year if they can keep this up.

Here is the menu for this year and who on our team took on which leg:Doughman 2013 - Finish2

  • Leg 1, SwimBill Copeland; Food from Rise: Pig in a blanket with Firsthand Foods sausage link, Freshpoint sweet potatoes, and cheddar cheese
  • Leg 2, BikeCraig Young; Food from NOSH: Pimiento mac-n-cheese “cupcake” including Freshpoint kale
  • Leg 3, Long RunJason Figge; Food from Dos Perros: Freshpoint kale and mushroom tamales
  • Leg 4, Short RunJurgen Henn; Food from Dain’s Place: “The Jurgen”– Firsthand Foods bratwurst with gorgonzola cheese, kraut and Freshpoint jalapeƱos on a locally baked hotdog roll from the bread shop

We all did really well with our individual legs, but on the desserts – that’s where we smoked ’em! We were the fastest team (1 Min 11 Sec.) on the dessert leg:

  • The Parlour (Freshpoint purple sweet potato ice cream with honey marshmallow)
  • LocoPops (vegan strawberry lemonade paleta)
  • Daisy Cakes (vanilla bean cupcake filled with strawberry-rhubarb compote and topped with ginger buttercream with Freshpoint strawberries and honey)
  • Monuts (strawberry shortcake donuts)

Each of us had to finish one of these delectable desserts and we then had sprint to the finish together as a team.

Doughman 2013 - the Team

So much fun!


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