Finally at home …

Today we brought home our horses Waldo and Cleo! This weekend we got their run-in shelter (mostly) done, so we borrowed a trailer and brought them home from the place were we had them boarded for the last month.

DE … Waldo und Cleo sind endlich zuhause! Wir haben die beiden heute abgeholt und sie grasen jetzt zufrieden nebeneinander auf der Weide hinter unserem Haus. Das Grass is satt und grĂ¼n und es gibt einfach nichts Besseres!

They got off the trailer and went right down to business.

The pasture has been recovering for 2 months and we’ve had a good amount of rain lately. So the grass is thick and juicy. In fact, they are not even all that interested in the grain and hay we got them. Fine with me …

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