Local man in the news

“Oh boy!” – I thought when around luchtime today a reporter and cameraman from a local TV news station knocked at my office and asked me if they could do an interview about the truck crashes I had captured on video. But they asked nicely, and so I agreed to do it. I sent Jacob (who was hanging out with me today at work) over to the deli to fetch us a couple of sandwiches, since I was hungry. The reporter and I had a nice chat, and I told them all about the truck crashes and the traffic issues along this stretch of Greson Street. They ran the story on the 5PM news tonight and you can see it on the WRAL website (not sure how long they keep it there).

UPDATE: the truck crash videos were also featured on tonights new episode of “Most Daring” on TruTV.

Another UPDATE: German news site Der Spiegel also recently featured my truck crash videos.

3 Responses to “Local man in the news”

  1. Peggy Schaeffer Says:

    Love your videos & moment of fame about one of Durham’s many hiden charms…. I’ve always thought that it was a literacy problem. Can’t those drivers READ the signs? do they think they’re meant for someone else?

  2. yovo Says:

    This is really a weird experience … since the story ran on the local news, every day several people tell me they saw me in the news. One person told me he himself crashed a U-Haul rental truck into the train trestle years ago.

    Thanks for your comment, Peggy. The problem is that they 1) go to fast, 2) are inexperienced, 3) go WAY too fast. Slow down the traffic and the problem would be solved.

  3. Agbessi Says:

    Alright u local man, you’re famous all over the world now for your videos! nice!