Re-learning how to tie my shoes

Tying my shoes is one of those things I don’t remember learning. I did it all my life without really ever worrying about it. However, there is this pair of shoes I really like, but the ties of these stupid shoes keep coming untied. Several times a day I have to stop to re-tie those shoes.

The other shoe-tying trouble i am confronted with is having to explain to my son how to tie his shoes. He’s 8, and it’s really time he figured out how to tie his shoes. I tried to explain it … you make a simple knot, you make a loop with your right hand, hold it with your left hand etcetera … Well – he doesn’t get it.

So I thought some illustrations might help and I Google “Tie shoelaces” and find Ian’s Shoelace site. This was one of those “gotta-love-the-Interwebs” moment. Years of research on the best way to tie shoelaces distilled into a website that meticulously documents not just one or two ways to tie shoelaces, but seventeen (17)! Including Ian’s new, super-efficient knot.

So now I am not only teaching my son how to tie his shoes properly (with helpfull visual aids), but I am also re-learning how to tie my shoes myself, using the handy, efficient “Ian’s knot.” Why knot?

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  1. Nicee Icee Says:

    It didnt give me the information i wanted!