Extreme weather last week

What a week: Snow and Tornadoes in South Africa and a deadly heatwave in the US. In the US, the Midwest and East Coast were cooking – New York declared a heat emergency with temperatures of up to 38°C/101F and a heat index of up to 110F/43°C. Here in Bahama it was sweltering, too, with a weekly high of 97F/36°C and over 90 percent humidity.

Rough weather conditions also wreaked havoc in South Africa and in the mountains of Lesotho last week. In Lesotho, eight people had to be rescued after their vehicle got stuck in the snow! And while New York was sweating, Johannesburg had snow flurries for the first time in eight years. On Tuesday, a tornado hit a town in Mpumalanga Province, and caused several injuries and some damage and severe flooding killed five people in the Easters Cape province.

And, of course, Typhoon Prapiroon caused death and devastation in Southern China …

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