VW backs off from Kenyan teenage moms

According to the Global Crafts website, Volkswagen of America has backed off:

Volkswagen of America have sent a letter of apology and revoked the Cease & Desist notice. Thank you for your support, I know many of you emailed Volkswagen on our behalf.

They have also offered to work with us towards a license which we hope we can get in the name of the name of the artisans so that they can sell to and Fair Trade importer and eliminate the risk of this occurring again.

We would also like to publicly thank Peter Bloch at Lightyearsip.net who has helped and is continuing to help in this matter.
Global Crafts website, Aug. 3, 2006.

I hope they give their attack-dog lawyers a muzzle, too. Incidents like this are really counterproductive and damage VWs image.

Nevertheless: Congratulations, VWoA. Smart, timely decision.

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