History or current events?

Both are depressing:
Kanzlerin Sauerkraut climbs behind the wheel of that stalling, choking, smoking dumptruck that Germany is these days. Good luck, you’ll need it. 53 members of the Bundestag from her own “coalition” voted against her. I give this arrangement no more than 2 years. This government will probably fail not so much over SPD-CDU tensions as over power struggles inside the two parties. Too bad, because Germany really could use some bold, smart leadership.

History: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on this day in 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

2 Responses to “History or current events?”

  1. BlackRiverEagle Says:

    Kanzlerin Sauerkraut und Kanzlerin Pestbeule are very unfair and immature terms to describe the 1st female chancellor in the short history of the (new) Federal Republic of Germany, and you know it. I hope that you don’t use terms like Ossie and Wessies too. You do!?

    It could be that Germany does have that smart, bold leadership that you so sorely desire. Give the little lady a chance, then decide if she is doing a good job or not. Don’t eat your young, you might need ’em later on.

    Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at my place re: the Mission Accomplished post. I answered it today. You’ve got mail.

  2. yovo Says:

    This so-called government is what strikes me as unfair and immature. Poking fun at them is just par for the course. “Give the little lady a chance?” – to do what? To run the country into the ground even more like her great mentor Kanzler Birne (Helmut Kohl) did?

    Kohl’s cabal sucked the country dry for 16 years and then he forced that ill-conceived, so-called reunification down the throat of the German people, as a parting gift to his puppet masters at the Deutsche Bank, Daimler, Bertelsmann etc … Merkel is a crony of that same cabal of Germany’s mega-corporations and now she has a “chance” to gut the social safety net and undermine worker’s rights, so that her puppet masters can maximize their profits.