Southern fried journalism

With the glaciers melting and the barrel of crude headed to new heights (in April!) the idea of using renewable, lower-emissions fuels has even penetrated the Lifestyles section of our local “paper of record:”

With the average price for a gallon of gas hovering around $2.22 — you could indulge in a vanilla chai for that or buy a pound of chuck roast — it’s no wonder that more North Carolinians are considering used hush puppy grease a viable fuel source.

At least the bottom line is often what sparks interest in the biodiesel movement, which is shooting out tendrils quickly across the state. Chances are greater than ever before that the Volkswagen in the next lane is running on what once bubbled in someone’s Fry Daddy.
Southern fried fuel, Raleigh N&O, Apr 22, 2005

That story was published just a few days after I wrote about my trip to the Biofuels Coop, which caught the attention of the N&O blogwatch. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

BTW – I cancelled my subscription to the N&O after 8 years, when they ran a front-page story about US soldiers getting baptized 2 days before the start of the invasion of Iraq.

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