Akitani declares himself president of Togo

Looks like the opposition in Togo has decided to seek a showdown with the ruling RPT. The unity candidate Bob Akitani announced that, in fact, he won Sunday’s election. Based on information from opposition observers at the polling stations, the opposition claims that it won all districts, except Kara, the home and stronghold of Eyadema’s family and the ruling RPT, LeTogolais reports.

The BBC quotes Akitani:

“We must fight with our lives if necessary,” [Akitani] said, claiming the poll had been rigged in favour of Faure Gnassingbe, the former leader’s son.

The BBC report calls Akitani the loser of Sunday’s poll. Looking at the current situation in Togo, with the leadership on both sides hell-bent on confrontation, it looks more like the Togolese people lost the election.

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