Stop the Seal Slaughter

|||Boycott Canadian Seafood||| The HSUS estimates that at in the last 3 days, 5 hours 62,800 seal pups have been clubbed to death in Canada. I urge you to join the boycott of Canadian seafood until they stop this butchery.

HSUS’s Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues is out on the ice off of Prince Edward Island, documenting how Canadian fishermen engage in the world’s largest butchery of marine mammals.
Warning – this is somewhat graphic!

A movement catches my eye, and I realize with horror that a clubbed baby seal is still conscious. She is writhing around on the ice in pain, moving her flippers. She lies next to another seal who has been killed, vacant eyes staring up, blood already frozen in the ice under her mouth. It is a macabre scene—the dead and the dying huddled together here in the rain.

There is nothing I can do to help this baby seal. Despite her struggle to survive, she has been too badly injured, and the only humane thing would be to put her out of her misery. But we have no way to euthanize her, and as is almost always the case, there isn’t an enforcement officer in sight. — March 29: How the Death of One Pup Sums Up Everything That’s Wrong with Canada’s Seal Hunt

The Canadian seal “hunt” also sums up what’s wrong with human beings, one might add.

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