More winter weather

The last few days have been pretty chilly around here. Sunday morning it was a brisk 15 Deg. F (-10 °C) and the waterfall at the little fishpond was almost frozen.

Kühl war es hier die letzten Tage – minus 10 °C am Sonntag morgen.

Pond Feb. 2016

Sunday night it snowed and Monday we had freezing rain.

Sonntag Nacht dann Schnee un Montag Eisregen.

Ice rain Feb 2016

For tomorrow, they are predicting mid 50s (14 °C) and upper 60s (19 °C) for the weekend. So long, Winter … right?

Und Morgen? 14 °C angesagt und dann am Wochenende fast 20 Grad. Tschüß, dann, Winter … oder?

Madison Feb 2016

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