The summer of independence

This summer was the summer of independence for Jacob and Julia. First, the two of them went on an adventure, then Julia moved out.

Let’s start at the end: last week was Julia’s 18th birthday. In the morning, Laura took her to the DMV to get her permanent driver’s license. In the afternoon we took her and her friends Galen and Jenna bowling. In the evening we lit a nice, big bonfire and ate some cake. After that, we all helped pack Julia’s stuff into the Jetta for her big journey the next day.

birthday fire

Julia”s Birthday Bonfire

The next day, Laura drove Julia to Washington, D.C. and got her settled in her dorm on the campus of American University. Julia is enrolled at AU’s School of International Service, in the International Development Program. She has now spent a week there, and settled in on campus, with bouncy castles and climbing walls on the quad, and night time tours of the D.C. monuments. She also took some time to explore Washington, and the Smithsonian in particular,  on her own. Classes start next week and I am sure it will be a challenging but fun first semester for her.

Moving to D.C. and starting college was Julia’s big Independence Day, but on July 4th – the U.S. Independence Day – Jacob and Julia went on a big, independent adventure to Vermont and New Hampshire. They took a plane to Burlington Vt. (they had to change planes in Philly) where their uncle John picked them up and took them to his place on Squam Lake in New Hampshire where they helped him for 3 weeks furnishing the house, so that is is ready for him to move in. John had had an accident recently and was on crutches, so they really had to help and work during their stay. But of course they also got to go hiking, swimming and canoeing. Overall it was a great experience for them and really helped them explore their independence and build their self-confidence.


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