The Worldcup in Numbers

Per celebrates in Berlin

Here are some new records and interesting numbers from Germany’s 2014 Worldcup appearance

Germany now has won FOUR Association Football (Soccer) World championships: 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014
This ties them with Italy and is one less than Brazil.

Germany now has had the most Final appearances (8), most top-three spots (12) and most consecutive top 3 spots (four: 2002 – 2014)

Germany has now played the most Worldcup games (106) and scored the most Worldcup goals (224). Germany has also conceded the most WC goals (121) of any team.

(source: wikipedia)

At the end of the 2014 Worldcup, Germany’s Mannschaft has not only the highest ELO rating of any football World Champion – they have the highest ELO rating of any national soccer team, ever!! (source

The Final – Germany vs Argentina – is now a classic. The two sides have now met in the Final three times: 1986 (ARG), 1990 (GER) and 2014 (GER) and a total of 7 times in the Worldcup.

Miroslav Klose, who has played in 4 tournaments, is now the top goal scorer in all Worldcups (16 goals)! He also has

  • won the most Worldcup medals (4)
  • played in the most knockout games (14)
  • won the most matches (17)

The worldcup Final sets a new TV-viewing record in Germany: 34,65 Million viewers and a 86 percent viewer quota.

The Mannschaft scored 18 goals and conceded four in the 7 games to championship, which ties them with Brazil’s record 18 goals and record goal-differential of 14 in the 2002 Worldcup (stats since 1974). In 2010, Spain scored only 8 goals to win their championship.

Manuel Neuer covered over 30 percent of the pitch during his WC games – more than any other goalie. Also, the best goalie in the Worldcup stopped 85.7% of shots on goal AND had a passing accuracy of 75.8%

Here is a list of records broken, just in the crazy Germany – Brazil game:

  • Klose broke Ronaldo’s record of total Worldcup goals scored (15).
  • Germany overtook Brazil as the highest scoring team in the history of the WC
  • The biggest ever win in a WC semi final
  • Most goals ever scored by a team in a semi final
  • The biggest ever loss by the host in a WC
  • Tied the most goals ever scored against the host
  • Brazil’s worst ever home defeat
  • Tied Brazil’s worst ever defeat
  • Brazil’s worst ever defeat in a WC match
  • First time ever that 5 goals were scored in the first half hour in a WC match
  • Fastest brace in a WC match – 69 seconds (Kroos)
  • Fastest 3 goals scored in a WC match – 179 seconds
  • Fastest 4 goals scored in a WC match – 6 minutes
  • Müller became the third player to score 5 goals in 2 different WC’s (after Teófilo Cubillas and Klose)
  • Germany overtook Brazil as the team with the most WC final appearances
  • Not exactly a record, but Müller’s goal was Germany’s 2000th as a national team
  • Most tweeted sports event ever
    (HT OldGodsAndNew)



Rekorde und interessante Statistiken am Ende der WM 2014:

Deutschland hat jetzt die meisten Endspiele geschafft (8) die meisten Top-Drei Plätze belegt (12) und die meisten Top-Drei PLätze in Folge belegt (vier: 2002-2014)

Deutschland hat jetzt die meisten WM-spiele geleistet (106) und die meisten WM-Tore geschossen (224). Deutschland hat auch die meisten WM-Tore kassiert (121)



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