Emu chasing a goose

Last weekend, we moved the emus out to the horse pasture and one of the two started chasing the geese out of the pasture. Silly thing. Of course he did not stand a chance keeping them out – those geese ae much too stubborn. He has since given up trying to keep the geese out. Buy his attempts were funny to watch.

Letztes Wochenende haben wir die Emus auf die Pferdeweide umgesiedelt und einer der Emus begann sofort zu versuchen die Gänse aus der Weide zu vertreiben. Natürlich hatte der Emu keine Chance, denn diese wilden Kanada Gänse sind viel zu hartnäckig. Er hates auch inzwischen aufgegeben, aber seine Versuche sind ganz amüsant.

The emus had stayed in our back yard all winter, because it is fenced in with chainlink fence. When they were smaller, they were able to slip right through the pasture fencing, and keeping them in the back yard also was intended to keep them safer during the winter. Sadly, tis did not totally work out , as one of them got attacked by a neighbor’s dog, and the other died, probably from eating something sharp, like a nail or a screw.

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