Wednesday, Jan. 18, some significant parts of the Internet will go on strike. The websites will only show one page related to the protest against the SOPA legislation the US Congress is considering. This law would allow the US government to shut down any site if there is any suspicion of copyright infringement. If the site is outside the US, the government could force ISPs to block access to the site. SOPA is stupid and dangerous. Except for the part where they could send Justin Bieber to jail because of his YouTube vids. That I like.

Today Wikipedia signed on to the strike. Wikipedia will be blacked out all day on the 18th to protest SOPA. So students, better get your papers done tomorrow! Other internet heavyweights also joined the strike: Reddit, Tucows, Cheezburger Network (Failblog, and WordPress have joined the cause. Some other media have noticed and they are writing about this. Great! The pressure is on and the SOPA proponents are feeling the squeeze! Let’s kill that abomination of a bill. SOPA must not pass!

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