Today, at 1:51 PM I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower after a long run this morning and an hour of horseback riding, when the damn house started shaking. “Wow – that’s an earthquake” I thought. I was right – it was a 5.9 earthquake in Virginia that was felt all along the east coast. The kids were amazed and incredulous. “Really?? An earthquake??” Yup – that was an earthquake.

This was not the fist time I experienced the earth shake. Back in Germany in the mid 70s I remember waking up one morning and seeing the bookshelf next to my bed sway dangerously. Nothing much happened, but I remember the experience. Today’s tremor just felt like a truck rumbling by – but without a truck. It was quiet. All you could hear was the sound of stuff rattling. And then it was over. Apparently this was one of the strongest earthquakes on the East Coast ever recorded.

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