July was a scorcher. Today we hit another record high temperature of 104 Deg. F (40° C). Last week was even worse, due to the high humidity we had the heat index reach 115 Deg. F (gefühlte 46° C) . On those days you just could just go outside and stand there …  and sweat.

Today after work I drove over to Laura’s store and the thermometer in the truck showed an outside temperature of 102 Deg. F (39°C)

Of course it is July in Durham, so it’s going to be hot. But looking at the big picture is quite worrying. The drought in the midwest is the worst in ten years. This heatwave is pretty intense. Earlier this year, the US had intense blizzards,widespread flooding, massive tornadoes, huge wildfires – weather disasters totalling damages of around 32 Billion Dollars! Time to panic??!

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