The actual clearance of the 11foot8 bridge

Yesterday, two NC DOT workers carefully measured the clearance of the crash beam of the 11foot8 bridge. The question as to whether the signage is actually accurate – especially after the recent re-paving of Gregson St – has now been settled.

The actual clearance is 11 feet and 10.8 inches (or 11.90 feet or 3.63 Meters) at the crest of the road. So it’s actually 2.8 inches (7cm) higher than indicated on the signage. That explains why sometimes a vehicle sets off the warning lights and still makes it under the bridge.

I spoke with the two (one of them knew about my website) and they said that someone is trying to sue the North Carolina Dept. of Transportation arguing the signage is incorrect. If the complainant could show that the signage indicates more clearance than the actual clearance (say 11 foot 6 instead of 11 foot 8) the DOT would in fact have to pay for the damage. So the DOT sent the two workers out to double-check the clearance and they confirmed that the clearance is in fact greater than indicated, so a truck has to be 11 foot 11 to get damaged.

One of the first questions posted on YouTube was whether the DOT will change the signage at the bridge. When I asked the guys whether I would have to print new T-shirts, they laughed and shook their heads. What a relief!

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