In the spotlight

Last week, a producer from MSNBC’s “Caught on Camera” contacted me about using my truck crash footage and about doing an interview.I was not so sure about doing a TV interview, but I couldn’t really think of any good reason not to do it, except that I probably would look like a dork. So I agreed to do the interview.

I took today off, and met with a film crew from MSNBC at Brightleaf Square this morning. They set up in front of the old Pop’s location, with the 11foot8 bridge as the backdrop. Initially, when they set up, it was pretty quiet there, but between 8:30 and 9:30 is coffee “rush-hour” at Parker and Otis and tons of people walked and drove by. Some of them folks who know me (and my website) and some commented “is this about the truck crash website?” It was a bit embarrassing to stand there with a film crew while my office mates walk by to get their coffee, but it was also funny to see the film crew (and the producer’s) reaction when several people commented about the website. Maybe they though that they got themselves a dork with a fanclub.

The guys were really nice, actually. They seemed to enjoy this particular story. They climbed all over the bridge to shoot b-roll. The interview was a bit tiring. I am not much of a public speaker and I have to concentrate on what I say to articulate several points in a linear fashion, so that what I say can be easily followed. But it’s TV – so they’ll cut it all up and mash it up and do with it what they want anyway. And I’ll probably look like a dork.

The segment about the 11-foot-8 bridge will be shown sometime in mid-July on “Caught on Camera” I’ll post a more specific date when I find out. (or maybe not, actually)

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