M. Ouattara’s opportunity

In Cote D’Ivoire, it looks like the battle is coming to a head between incumbent, but reluctant-to-leave president Laurent Gbagbo, and incoming, UN-supported, supposed election-winner Alassane Ouattara. Ouattara’s supporting rebel forces have captured the capital Yamoussoukro and they reportedly have entered the country’s largest city Abidjan. Apparently the military’s support for Gbabgbo is dwindling. Hopefully there won’t be any intense fighting.

If Ouattara is really poised to take control of the country, I hope he has that wisdom to reach out to the Gbagbo supporters in a meaningful way. If Ouattara allows lawlessness and revenge violence to run wild, he will have a hard time bringing the country back to peace. For the sake of all Ivoirians, I hope he has the wisdom to take this opportunity to start re-uniting Cote D’Ivoire, not further deepening the divide between North and South.

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