Biodiesel and poop

… or horse manure, to be precise, is a wonderful thing.That’s because the biodiesel production process produces also a significant amount of glycerol that needs to be disposed of (circa 10 Gallons per 50-gallon batch of biodiesel). For years I have taken the stuff to various horse farms in the area and blended it into their composting manure piles. Now that we have horses I can do this right here. However, we have no barn – just a run-in shelter, so I have begun collecting horse manure from all over the pasture. I blended every wheelbarrow of manure with five gallons (20 liters) of glycerol and in that manner constructed the elegant poop pile below, where about 80 gallons (320 liters) of glycerol are now composting into wonderful juicy dirt. Next year we’ll use that dirt to start a little garden and grow some veggies from our bioddieseled horsepoop.
poop pile
Horse manure with 80 gallons of glycerol

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