Running again

Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the Al Buehler trail and I think I’ll make that a habit, again. I stopped running in May because of a fracture of a metatarsal bone in my right foot. I think I may have broken that bone practicing kicks on the old punching bag at the gymn … anyway it’s all healed now and I plan to get back into running. Barefoot, of course.

The run yesterday felt good – although I took off a bit overly enthusiasticly and had to work on pacing myself betterĀ  halfway through the 3-mile run. It was also quite warm (around 90F/32C) and the trail was very busy that Wednesday evening at 6PM. The gravel makes you tread lightly and pick up your feet; the occasional sandy stretch feels really good. Today, my calves are not too sore – which means I did not tip-toe too much, and I feel my thighs a bit, which means I did pick up my feet pretty well. And NO BLISTERS!

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