Three days of football fun so far. I watched the opener, USA game and the Germany game at Dain’s Place and the Ghana game at home. I wore my South Africa shirt for the opener and Gloria (Dain’s cook) almost killed me!  Dain had to wear a Mexico shirt just to avoid having the kitchen staff go loco (there were quite a few SA supporters in the bar). However, Gloria did serve up her famous enchiladas, and since there was no biltong, I had enchiladas with mole sauce at halftime.

The Place was packed for the USA game and Jacob and I squeezed in to watch and have a drink. What fun! And what a game! Whenever they showed Botox-Beckham, the Place erupted in jeers.

There were few Krautheimers around for the Germany-Australia game, too. So. Much. Fun.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any German Nat’l team have so much fun at a Worldcup game. They are talented and disciplined and they seemed relaxed and ready to take on the world! Argentina watch out!

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