8th Kyu

Today, Jacob and I tested and received out purple belt in Shito-Ryu Karate-do. It was more than a year ago, since we got our orange belt, so it was definitely time. However, for me it was a bit of a painful affair, because I hurt my right foot a couple of weeks ago – not sure how – and all the stances that require putting weight on the right forefoot, or bending it, caused quite a bit of pain.

Nevertheless, we made it through the test. Despite the pain, it was actually fun. I am physically in better shape than ever. I took a 4-week brake from any alcohol and worked out quite a bit … lost a few pounds … so the test did not push me physically as much as I thought it would.

Jacob was starting to feel a bit burnt out and passing the test, and advancing to the new level seems to give him a boost, too.

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