Truck with freezer crashes into 11foot8 bridge

Last Thursday around lunchtime a truck with a huge industrial freezer crashed into the Gregson St railroad trestle – the “truck guillotine”  as some are calling it. This time I was there and I had my camera with me, so in addition to the actual crash footage I also shot some footage of the crash aftermath and the “extraction” of the truck from under the bridge. Well, technically it was really wedged under the crash beam the NCDOT railroad division installed in 2003. If you’re not familiar with my collection of truck crash videos, you should know that this is a regular occurrence at this underpass. Enjoy :)

Also, for the record, I missed a crash that happened on Dec. 26 – I was out of the office for while around the holidays, and by the time I found out about the crash the video file had been overwritten. Sorry …

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