Bimmer in the Bush

For almost two weeks Laura and I and the kids have been back to Yikpa – the village in Togo where Laura and I met all these years ago. Our visit is going very well. Our reception was just amazing! We had almost two days of celebration, including a formal welcome with a sacrifice of flour water, liquor and a ram. Folks are really happy to see us and we’re thrilled to be back in the village.

In Accra we borrowed a friend’s car – an old BMW (or “bimmer”) – and we have been cruising through southern Ghana and South Western Togo with that poor car. It has suffered some abuse, but it is hanging in there!

Tomorrow will be our big goodbye party in the village and I am in Hohoe right now to buy a few last things for that. Sunday morning we’ll drive to Lome. After that, we’ll go back to Accra, and then next week we’re returning home to the US. I’ll post lots of pictures and videos once I am back.

[UPDATE 4/27 – added photo]

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