Decapitated boxtrucks on TV

So, as I said earlier, the camera I set up at Brightleaf caught several trucks crashing into the railroad trestle across the street. A couple of weeks ago I got an email from TV producer who was interested in my videos. First I was suspicious Рbut after a few Google searches he looked legit. Also, Laura figured out that she knows a guy at that production company and she emailed him to verify that this is for real. Shortly thereafter, another TV producer contacted me, also  about licensing my videos for another show. I could hardly believe it!

But it got even better. I started looking around on various video sites to see if I coould find anything like the footage I had and I found my videos on several sites other than YouTube. A compilation of my videos was on MSN Video, and it had gotten over 1Million hits at that point!! After consulting with my “Samoan attorney,” I wrote a “nice” email to Microsoft’s licensing guy requesting a licensing payment. The next day I got a terse reply saying that they licensed it from Well – I thought that that’s a bit like me saying that I licensed my copy of Windows from … Eventually, though, the CEO of called me. We had a nice chat and resolved this matter in a reasonable way. He even said he’d be interested in licensing videos of future truck crashes.

In the meantime, I had hammered out a deal with the second producer, for the show “Most Daring” on truTV. I even got them an interview with the guy who owns “John’s towing” who does a lot of the recovery work after the crashes. Last Thursday I ran into the field producer who did the interview. He was poking around Brightleaf and the RR trestle, shooting B-roll (supporting material). We had a nice chat, and I took some notes on shooting B-roll …

So, the folks at Nash Entertainment told me that the segment with the trucks will be on truTV on Wednesday. I guess, I’ll be hanging out at Dain’s Place watching truTV that evening.

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