Yet another new ride

My new Gary Fisher Cobia

I did it! Yesterday, I finally bought a new bike, after I decided to retire my old bike. I got a really good deal on a Gary Fisher Cobia at our local bike store. So I got up at 7 Am today, and took it out on a spin, 10 miles up Guess Road to Little River trail, 7 miles on the trail, romping through the woods, and 10 miles back on the road. Very nice! Those 29-ers are all they are cracked up to be. Comfy on the road, albeit more resistance from the fat tires. On the trail this bike really does just roll easily over “stuff” and it has nice traction. On the downhill the front sustension makes a huge difference, and the disk brakes grip very nicely. Not surprisingly, riding this bike for the first time, I had to fiddle around a bit with the seat etc .. But the biggest adjustment is the maneuvering on the twisty-turns on the trail. You really have to yank this sucker around quite a bit! My old 26-er is definitely more agile in tight turns. But that’s just something to get used to. Overall, I really like the Cobia, and I’m looking forward to many hours of fun with this bike.

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