Carbon recycling in our cars and trucks?

If this story about these three guys from Wales is true, and their “greenbox” is real, and if it works … then it might well be the holy grail in the struggle to prevent a climate catastrophe. They claim that their invention can capture emissions from IC engines and store it. The waste from the engine can then be discharged at the fuel station, while we fill up with more fuel, instead of being discharged into the atmosphere. The CO2 could even be used to grow algae to make more fuel. They also claim that their technology can be scaled up to factory-scale, and adapted to all kinds of applications.

This technology might be as significant a step forward for public health as closed sewers and indoor plumbing. And the concept of carbon recycling to prevent further climate change is brilliant! If this greenbox device really works …

(No, I have no interests in their company, Maes Anturio Limited. But if had a bunch of dollares burning holes in my pocket, I’d take a very close look at these guys.)

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  1. Adam Brooks Says:

    Recycling is very very important in order to preserve mother earth.,””