“Bush moves to counter gas emissions” the headlines read all over the place. He moved?

Bush signed an executive order directing federal agencies to craft regulations that will “cut gasoline consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles.” He ordered the agencies _ the departments of Transportation, Agriculture and Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency _ to have the rules in place by the end of 2008.

Bush moves to counter gas emissions, WaPo (AP Story), May 15, 2007

The President has been told by the Supreme Court of the United States to do something, an gives his bureaucrats almost 2 years (until he leaves office) to draw up rules. And the media call that a “move” ??? I call that dragging your feet. Not that I am surprised by the PrezMan’s lack of enthusiasm on this issue, but the mainstream media reporting this as a “move” is yet another example of how stupid they are.

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